Susan Hefuna


- Workshop -

Celebrate Life: I Love Egypt
Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

Share your life story with the world by participating in ‘Celebrate Life: I Love Egypt,’ a workshop led by artist Susan Hefuna and the Sawa Team. The workshop will be an opportunity for 20-25 individuals to contribute their ideas, experiences, and hopes for Egypt as well as their own lives through a number of artistic mediums.
The project will revolve around a set of handcrafted tents that each of the participants will interact with. Through writing, drawing, painting, stitching, as well as other artistic mediums, the participants will use the tents as a base to tell their stories.
The post-workshop tents will be sent around the world to London at the Speakers’ Corner, Abu Dhabi, back to Cairo, and then to Sydney, Australia. The visitors at each of these sites will be able to interact with the tents and thus enable the participants’ personal messages to connect with people across country lines.

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