Susan Hefuna


- Group Show -

Between two rounds of fire, the exile of the sea
American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center,
Washington DC, USA

This exhibition draws on a diverse selection of Arab modern and contemporary works from the collection of the Barjeel Art Foundation, United Arab Emirates, that illustrate an array of technologies of conflict. In this case, however, conflict is defined in a wider sense. It can take place on either a sociological or psychological plane, through assertions of language, between histories or between peoples, and the body itself can be a site of conflict.

These technologies include the evacuation of memory, the division of space, the removal or distortion of language, and the imposition of alien needs and narratives. These are the latent aspects that create the conditions for a manifest act of violence. They allow the conflict to take place, to render it palpable—or even desirable—to the perpetrators.

This exhibition then explores mechanisms of power, and of the power of artists to recognize these mechanisms and employ them in their work, either directly addressing the issues of conflict, or more abstractly, notions of space, language, image, memory, geography, categorization, and identification (and identity) that are part of conflict – on the internal, individual, social, and global levels.

Curated by Karim Sultan

List of Artists
Akram Zataari (b.1966) Ali Cherri (b.1976) Asim Abu Shakra (1961-1990) Athar Jaber (b.1982) Charbel-Joseph H. Boutros (b.1981) Etel Adnan (b.1925) Hayv Kahraman (b.1981) Huda Lufti (b. 1948) Jafar Islah (b. 1946) Khaled Hourani (b. 1965) Mona Hatoum (b. 1952) Nadia Ayari (b.1981) Nadia Kaabi Linke (b.1978) Nazar Yahya (b.1963), Nadim Kufi (b. 1962) Sadik Kwaish Al Fraji (b. 1960) Sama Alshaibi (b. 1973) Samia Halaby (b. 1936) Shakir Hassan Al Said (1925-2004) Susan Hefuna (b. 1962) T aysir Batniji (b. 1966) Walid Raad (b. 1967) Walid Siti (b. 1964) Ziad Antar (b. 1978) Zineb Sedira (b. 1963)


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